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There are several HTML editors that can be used to create your website! The purpose of this tip is to help you choose the right editor, to get a clean and readable code.

Frontpage: Generates invalid code: uppercase tag, non-standard properties (not compatible with all browsers).

Word: messed up the tabes and closes tags in the wrong direction.

Publisher: This software was not designed for making Web sites.

WYSIWYG Editors: WYSIWYG or "What you see is what you get" editors allow you get a preview of how your final website will look like!


Dreamweaver: is the one that generates the cleanest code in design mode and provide features for auto-completion of tags and attributes. Web Expert: Generates clean code. Nvu/Kompozer: Under two different names, these two projects are based on Mozilla Composer. Amaya: a standard-compliant web editor, created by the W3C, free and open-source. Vulcan: a new software allowing you to create dynamic websites with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript. The use of this WYSIWYG tool requires some basic programming. This software also allows you to upload your site on the net with a built-in FTP function. WebAcappella: A WYSIWYG tool that requires no programming knowledge.

Notepad ++ is a free source code editor which supports several languages. *It uses the same component as SciTE (Scintilla). It provides the ability to auto-complete your code for some languages ??by providing a list of basic functions. Everything is customizable. The default syntax highlighting is very relevant.

Distributed freely under the GPL.

An excellent editor for Windows. It possesses severalfeatures and practical details. In addition, it is very light. It is very similar to Notepad ++, you can add extensions, available on the official website. It includes *Tidy (for verification/correction of HTML codes) as well as various specific tools for HTML: compression of HTML, reformatting, color pickertc

The syntax highlighting feature take into account multiple languages ??in the same page: HTML, PHP, Javascript ...

Download link http://www.pspadom/

Excellent, light, simple, effective and free!

Tomasz David
Tomasz David

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