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Visual Basic is an event driven programming language which enables rapid application development of graphical user interface applications, database access using ActiveX data objects, etc. VBScript and VB are the scripting languages similar to Visual Basic but perform differently. Unlike other programming languages, programming in Visual Basic is done in a graphical environment. The OCX is an Object Linking and Embedding custom control program created for the use of applications running on Windows systems. Visual Basic is commonly used to write OCX control. The OCX creates a graphic progress bar similar to the progress bar in Vista. The progress bar reports on the status of the computer's operation and gives the user some reassurance that the program has not stopped working.

This OCX generates a graphical progress bar identical to the progress bar in Vista.

Two functions are implemented,:

A count-down timer

A Progressive bar (percentage).

Five color displays are available and a tutorial is included in the zip.

Copy the 3 files contained in the control directory and send them to the System32 directory .

Save OCX with REGSVR32.


Note that

For Vista users: Save a dll or a control with REGSVR32

Download the zip file here

Thanks to lermite222 for this tip.

Tomasz David
Tomasz David

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