Himiko Toga is a mysterious and tricky villain who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Fans will want to know more about her.

  By Louis Kemner Published Jun 10, 2021

  My Hero Academia's story has countless fascinating and terrifying villains, starting with Tomura Shigaraki, who led the assault on USJ. That was Izuku Midoriya's first taste of the League of Villains, and as time went on, even more disgruntled citizens joined the League to create a new, villain-based society. That included Himiko Toga, one of the younger recruits.

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  Himiko Toga's introduction was a simple one when she and the flame-wielding Dabi stepped into the League's bar and politely introduced themselves to Tomura and Kurogiri. Ever since then, Himiko has terrorized the scene with her powers and cunning traps, but what else should fans know about this wicked villainess?

  10 What Is Himiko's Quirk Called?

  Nearly every character in this series has a confirmed Quirk, and at first, Himiko Toga kept her own Quirk hidden. When she attacked Class 1-A at the forest training zone, she confronted Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui but didn't use her Quirk at all.

  Only later was her Quirk revealed: Transform. This allows Himiko to assume the form of any other person whose blood she has consumed, including their voice and even their clothes. She is the token shapeshifter character of My Hero Academia.


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