Hi, welcome to this Instructables. Here I am going to tell how to make your own software. Yes if you have an idea... but do know to implement or interested in creating new things then it is for you......

Prerequisite: Should have basic knowledge of Python.... LOL Nothing like that,

"There is nothing difficult in this world if you try"

with simple interest to make things you can move on to start your program. Even me at the beginning had a no Idea of python.

Moreover as a Electrical at first I was afraid of Coding. Slowly I changed my mentality.

If you are a beginner at programming, start with python makes a fast curve to learn and as the output is very fast you get very excited to learn.

OK without wasting much time we can move on to the subject.

Here in this instructable I am only going to share how to make a simple GUI with python also how to make it into a Software with "exe" and not much with python coding ..... you may refer youtube or udemy to learn Python course.

you may install python from here :

Tomasz David
Tomasz David

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