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A Powerpoint slideshow or PPS document can be converted to a PDF file using OpenOffice application software. With OpenOffice software, the links in the PPS file are preserved. There is no data loss when using OpenOffice to convert a PPS file to PDF. The OpenOffice software must be installed on the system in order to use it. OpenOffice is free and can be downloaded to the computer system from the OpenOffice website. Once it is installed in the system, the PPS file that will be converted must be opened and exported to the PDF format with OpenOffice.

Below is advice on converting a PPS file to PDF format, preserving the clickable link at the same time.

Download OpenOffice

You can download Open Office from either the Kioskea download section or the official website .

Open the file

Open the .PPT or .PPS file


Tomasz David
Tomasz David

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