Mobile phone accessories play a significant role in the user experience in many circumstances. Yes, mobile phones are functional and powerful by all means, but there are some jobs that even a perfect mobile phone could not manage. Thus, mobile phone accessories are created, and there is no doubt that all mobile phone users have to use accessories together with their mobile phones. In this article, we will talk about some useful mobile phone accessories, and how they could improve the user’s experience.

What Are Mobile Phone Accessories?

Mobile phone accessories are the tools to make your mobile phone more supportive based on your needs. These accessories are usually the hardware that provides extra functions that your mobile phone could not achieve on its own.

How Would Mobile Phone Accessories Change Our Lives?

As it is explained above, mobile phone accessories are useful tools to support us. In this section, we will illustrate some accessories and explain how they are useful.

Power Banks

Years ago, many mobile phone users were struggling with low battery capacity before the invention of power banks. This problem is solved now by power banks. In addition, almost every user buys a power bank because the battery of a mobile phone is never enough regardless of the capacity. As the technology promotes, power banks are getting smaller when the capacity enlarges at the same time, some small power banks could even charge up to 3 mobile phones.

Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks allow mobile phone users to take selfies (without bothering others to help). A selfie stick is not a simple stick to grab your mobile phone, as it can complete a number of tasks in a smart way. For example, there are flashlights embedded in some selfie sticks that could flash automatically when you take a selfie. Meanwhile, selfie sticks allow the user to zoom in/out and shoot by pressing the buttons. That’s why we can always see tourists grabbing a long stick (selfie stick) in popular tourist cities.


When taking public transport (subway, bus), there is always someone wearing headphones, because using headphones bring us many benefits. Firstly, the headphones will promote the sound quality when listening to music or calling. Secondly, using a headphone helps us to concentrate on the content without getting distracted by the external environment. Thirdly, headphones are normally small and easy to carry, users can bring a headphone in many circumstances.

Wireless Chargers

General chargers are fast and stable, but it is not convenient when you have one hand being busy and you will find it hard to plug your mobile phone. Thus, the wireless charger is invented. For example, the iphone wireless charger is frequently used among iphone users, as what they need to do for charging is to simply lay the mobile phone on the charger. Moreover, manufacturers have made essential innovations to improve the charging power and speed, some fast-charging wireless chargers give as much power as wire chargers.



In conclusion, mobile phone accessories are significant parts that affect user’s experience. Based on different needs, numerous jobs could be fulfilled with the support of various mobile phone accessories. The power bank allows users to charge their mobile phones at any time, which could be convenient for travelers. Meanwhile, mobile phone users can take perfect selfies with a selfie stick (without bothering others). Furthermore, the headphone could promote sound quality and block external noise, and it is normally small and portable. Finally, the wireless charger makes it easier to charge the mobile phone and offers the same charging speed as the normal charger.


Tomasz David
Tomasz David

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