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Data can be transferred between several Excel worksheets manually as well as automatically. If the Excel worksheet contains a small number of records, a manual operation to transfer data between several sheets can be done. However, for databases that contain a large amount of data, manual operation needs to be kept to a minimum. To copy data from one database to another, a few key presses and toggling between the worksheets are required. Manual transfer of data between several sheets in Excel is feasible for small data such as attendance sheets of a class. The keys may vary for newer versions of the Excel office software or for Visio.


Transfer data between sheets under Excel:

This involves an attendance sheet. A tab for each month with columns for weekly attendance, a total for the month and a summary tab containing the students' names and the monthly totals.

I would like to transfer students' names and the monthly totals associated with each name to a summary sheet.


Open both spreadsheets. In the spreadsheet where you want the information to appear click on that cell and enter the equal sign. Then go to the Windows tab and choose the other spreadsheet. Click on the cell that you want to import the information from. Then hit enter.

This should work. If you are using a new version of Office or Visio the tab may be titled differently.

Thanks to barbie0976 for this tip on the forum.

Tomasz David
Tomasz David

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