The series known as ryuk Death Note has a lot of compelling characters with one of the greatest being Ryuk. He was very entertaining whenever he was shown and always gave fans a good laugh. Though he is not incredibly smart like Light, L, Near, and Mello, and rarely drives the plot forward, he was very important. Without him, nothing that happened in the story would have as he is the one that dropped the notebook Light found.

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  Despite gaining a lot of fans, there are many things that people have forgotten about the Shinigami. Here are 10 things that Death Note fans should know about the most iconic Shinigami.

  10 Design

  In Death Note 13: How To Read, Takeshi Obata, the artist of the series, said that Ryuk was very hard to draw when he first came up with the design he currently has. Originally, the Shinigami looked like "attractive rock stars", with Ryuk having a similar appearance to Light.

  However, this idea was scrapped in order to avoid confusion of whether he or Light was the main character. Obata began drawing Ryuk the way fans know him as but it took him a long time to get used to the newer design.


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