These programs simplify the work of millions of people around the world. Perhaps you have not heard of some of these applications yet. Let’s go through the list of our favorite programs and services.

1. Useful office program: Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a universal set of applications for working with text files (Word), spreadsheets (Excel), presentations (PowerPoint), mail (Outlook), notes (OneNote) and other types of documents. This product remains one of the most popular on the market and there is hardly a chance that you haven’t heard of it.

Programs in the Microsoft Office package have powerful functionality and are very easy to use. Therefore, they are perfect for creating and editing office documents of any type or complexity. Plus they are integrated with Microsoft’s cloud services: you can access files on any device and work on the same documents with other people.

Microsoft Office goes far beyond the basic functions. For example, for convenient work with text in Word there is a built-in translator and a speech recognition function. While OneNote is even able to recognize text in pictures.

2. Useful office software: Evernote

This popular notepad is an excellent tool for managing a large collection of text, graphics and voice notes. Evernote offers a system of different tags for convenient searches. Such approach allows you to easily structure hundreds and even thousands of notes and, if necessary, quickly find the ones you need.

Evernote supports synchronization between devices and allows you to work without connecting to the Web.

3. Useful office program to send big files: FileWhopper software

The issue of having to transfer files from pc to pc during your work is very common. And It is very important to ensure secure file transfer, especially when it comes to sensitive work documents. Probably the easiest and most trusted way is to transfer files using the FileWhopper application. Here are just some of FileWhopper’s benefits:

Files or folders of ANY size size can be sent Easy and very fast upload and download The integrity of the transmitted data is ensured

4. Useful office program: Foxit Reader

Office workers often have to deal with documents in PDF format. Having a handy PDF viewer is essential when you handle pdf files on a daily basis. It is best when the pdf viewer also lets you leave comments in documents, as this makes it easier to send the files back for edits. Foxit Reader is a fast and easy application that lets you read PDF files, write notes in the text and leave comments.

5. Useful office program: Cold Turkey Blocker

If during work you are too often distracted by inappropriate websites or programs, Cold Turkey Blocker will help you. This application blocks all distractions for a specified period of time. You will not be able to open the sites and programs listed for blocking until the time runs out. Cold Turkey Blocker can turn on the restriction automatically on a schedule you set for it. Do you find yourself checking Facebook way too often to the point that your work starts to suffer? Just use this app and it will quickly help you break the habit.

6. Useful office program: Pushbullet

Pushbullet synchronizes your computer with your smartphone, tablet or other gadgets. All you do is simply install the Pushbullet client on all of your devices and connect them to one account. After that, you will be able to see all your phone notifications on your computer, to transfer notes, links and small files between devices.

If your mobile device is running on Android OS, then you can also send and receive text and instant messages directly from your computer. In addition, Pushbullet combines the virtual clipboards of different devices: any text copied on a smartphone or tablet can be immediately inserted into a text field on your computer, and vice versa.

7. Useful office program: f.lux

The lighting in your office changes throughout your work day, but the colors on your computer screen are always the same. Because of that, sometimes the screen may seem too bright. The f.lux program automatically adjusts display colors to the lighting conditions. A similar function is built into Windows 10, but f.lux contains more settings and allows you to get maximum comfort for your eyes.

8. Useful office program: GIMP

Even if you are not a designer, you will certainly be able to edit images for various office needs. For example, crop a photo and adjust its colors for a presentation or an internet post. Installing Photoshop for such simple purposes is an overkill. It’s much easier to use its free alternative – GIMP. This editor is more than enough for non-professional tasks.

9. Useful office program: TextExpander

TextExpander will save time for anyone who works a lot with texts and often has to enter the same information. With TextExpander you can configure keyboard shortcuts that will instantly paste text pieces of any size prepared in advance. For example, with a couple of clicks you can insert an email address, reply to letters, insert payment details and any other information that you often type manually. Thanks to synchronization, the bits of text are also available on iOS.

10. Useful office program: Todoist

Todoist can be used as an ordinary scheduler for everyday situations at work or at home. Of course, you get the standard features, such as create tasks, set reminders, mark completed tasks.

Additionally, Todoist lets you work with complex office projects that have a multi-level structure, a large number of participants and sub-tasks. Todoist has tools for delegating and configuring the task hierarchy, labels, filters and other advanced features. The application adapts easily to your personal and professional goals, no matter how big they are.

By installing the Todoist client on your device, you can manage tasks even without the Internet.

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